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Damnit. cycles rendering 1 frame in slightly over 1 minute, 1440 frames to complete. Guess this one is an allnighter.

"Hail to the great dodecahedron!"

You can only hear that if you attend a platonic solids' Black Mass.

I love it when people work way too hard on a silly concept and end up with art.

Hurray! First sighting of the sun since November. Its back again! Now time to make and eat some sun buns.

Snowpiercer, the movie from 2013, is getting a TV adaption and debuts on TNT the 31 May. I need to watch this, the movie blew my mind when I saw it last year.

The missing cryptoqueen Spoiler 

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Listen to the BBC "The missing cryptoqueen" and a bit puzzled that I have never heard about onecoin before.

The cursedfs FAT/ext2 trick reminds me of the old GIF/ZIP trick from back in the day.

Windows 7 has been out for over 10 years and is EOL today. Damn, that makes me feel old.

Actual admin announcement

Due to a recent events and overall security, we will be turning on authorized fetch soon so if your instance isnt running version 3.0 of Mastodon you'll essentially be defederated. So ask your admins to update, or make an alt or something, by Saturday 1/18!

In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.

A way to send a direct message to everyone I follow begging them to please follow back would be useful. Not bitter or anything.

Curiosly, the old EFI partition size on Windows 10 used to be 100 MB, far too small to be useful. Creating a new one on the current version gave me a partition size of 16 GB

Apparently nobody has ever seen an eel spawn. One of lifes mysteries

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