@sean Actually exited about this, hope to read some good articles again

@aral Haha, yeah fun little things. Here's mine which is of the "built 30 years ago" variant. Not operational at the moment because the PSU decided to heat and they were notoriously unreliable and could take the system out when it got bad enough. So I'm in the process of building it a new one.

@aral That better be a REAL C64. You know, the "made 30 years ago" version πŸ˜‹

@marix You might want to try something like play.google.com/store/apps/det in conjunction with VLC on your computer. You should be able to both control the computer from your phone (as a remote) but also stream media from your phone to computer vlc for playback.

@Spacedrake @Gargron It will be a shitshow of epic proportions. Get the popcorn ready.

@linuxpaulm I sympathised with the guy right up until he said he get tons of claims and most of the time he just doesn't care. Letting things slide is how we got into this situation.

Also, coincidentaly Torrentfreak wrote an article on pretty much the same topic, you might find it interesting: torrentfreak.com/youtube-fair-

Hackers.town radio is back up and running.

We only play CC licensed works, and have some eclectic pieces out there because of this... Which is how I like it.

plug this in a streaming player... hackers.town:2600/_a

Webplayer coming back soon.

@akien Made this one a few years ago, using the tutorial as a rough guideline. Transparent coffee-cups is not my thing though :P

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"Two tori and a cup"

Decided to tweak and update a scene I did almost 3 years ago with some new features.

Considering investing in a reading device, but unsure what to get. devices look good, but it seems all devices are tied to some sort of electronic ebook store. Are there any completely libre ones out there? Please enlighten me.

@galaxis Sounds like SLAAC is in effect when you disable privacy extensions, which is supposed to be static and unique (but change depending on your routing prefix) since the last half is generated based on the ethernet MAC address. The other option is messing with dhcpv6. I'd argue that NAT is a kludge wrapped in a hack and should be abolished :)

Another thing made many years ago. Still makes me cringe when I see it but what the hell, sharing it anyways. Was supposed to be some sort of video introduction thingy.

This week suggested I listen to "DJ Fortnite Gaymer Twitch Productions" and I feel like I have fallen down a rabbithole of memes and twitch culture that I don't get at all but finds facinating nevertheless.

It's the universal non-palindrome day! This is the only date consisting of nothing but zeroes and twos that is not a palindrome no matter how you write it!


Relish it, we won't have another one of these for 20,000 years

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