I haven't seen the "Free speech flag" used in the wild, but have to admit it is genious.

"Two tori and a cup"

Decided to tweak and update a scene I did almost 3 years ago with some new features.

Another thing made many years ago. Still makes me cringe when I see it but what the hell, sharing it anyways. Was supposed to be some sort of video introduction thingy.

This was a ton of work to get done properly, but kinda happy with the result. Doesn't really show in the video but the background is transparent. Done in with renderengine

Part of a bigger scene I'm working on, any thoughts?

Finally got around to assemble my new chair. And wow is it an improvement from the last one. But to be fair, the old one was barely hanging together so any chair would have been an improvement.

For the curious, it is a Paracon Knight


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